About us

See your world in our colors

Plasticolor develop and produce masterbatches and compounds often tailored to specific needs. We work together with product manufacturers, brand owners, designers and engineers to create that extra making the product more fantastic. We have long experience in color matching and functionalizing plastics to get your product the way you want and need it to be.

We are careful in choosing the right type of pigments and additives to fulfil market and regulatory demands. Our long experience in regulations and standards such as FDA, RoHS, REACH, EU food contact regulation No 10/2011 is a part of our way of working to make sure the products we deliver comply accordingly.

The four production sites, in Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Serbia, are designed for high flexibility and efficiency to support your business.

Enhanced properties and appearance

  • Tailored color and appearance.
  • Enhanced product and process performance.
  • Improved strength and toughness, better temperature resistance and stronger in harsh environments leading to improved longer service life.


Better production

  • Improved productivity.
  • Enhanced process stability.
  • Simplified use of recycled plastics.


Reduced environmental impact

  • Simplified and improved recycling processes.
  • Rebuild deteriorated polymers and regain performance.
  • Lightweight by improved performance, more with less.